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Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm in need of someone to look after Kitty from Thursday to Monday evening this weekend. I'll provide all supplies and pay in chocolate or Haribos depending on preference.

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Kitty discovers the suede beanbag

My two seater sofa will be getting delivered on Thursday. It had better fit this time. I'm still waiting on my high def DVD player and the SCART switch boxes, but everything should be all set up by the end of next week.

I've also ordered four official Gamecube joypads, Gamecube Mario Kart and Gamecube Smash Brothers from a liquidation company in America. This should be a laugh.

It'd be nice to try and pick up four Konga drums at some point, and get ahold of that four player Tetris for the SNES. Although I think my next project should maybe be obtaining ten Saturn pads for a bit of Hi-Ten Bomberman. VGI have a boxed set with a multitap and two pads at £90 as a starter.

I've been spending a bit of time lately playing Phantom Brave on the PS2. It's full of all the crazy mental ideas you'd expect in an NIS game.


Lidl were selling fennel for 35p a bulb today (roughly one tenth the price of the stuff in Sainsbury's). So I bought some (along with some dirt cheap asparagus and rocket) and roasted it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as per the suggestion of the first Google hit for "roasted fennel", and the result was fantastic.


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