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I went to the Societies Fair today, and joined AASoc, Compsoc, GEAS and EDG&R. Actually, I think that's more societies than I normally joined whilst at University. Someday, I will have to move on, but that day hasn't come yet.


Cannae wait.
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Just an update to let you know what is happening wrt the Firbush trip. I now have the application form. I will get it away tomorrow with the deposit.

Final payment is due 11th September. We shall call 31st August the deadline for getting the payment to me, to allow time for funds transfers, etc. The balance due is £54.50 for students and £75.50 for University alumni. This includes return transport.

Insurance is also available at £3.46 per person. I will add this to the balance if everyone going desires insurance. Please email me if this is the case.

We will also need to meet up to sign the declaration forms at some point before the trip. I propose Thursday 10th August at The Hoose for this.

cc. Compsoc mailing list
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I have spoken to the Firbush office, and we now have a provisional reservation for 8-10 people. In order to finalize this, I will need a deposit of £25 per person. I have posted full details of how to pay to the Compsoc mailing list, but if you don't have access to this, reply to this post with your email address (comments screened), and I will forward them to you. I would prefer to have the payment by Wednesday 26th July.
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The Firbush office replied stating that 18 places are available for the weekend 20-22nd October. I have posted details to the Compsoc mailing list. I will visit the Firbush office tomorrow to obtain a booking form. If you are interested in going, please let me know as soon as possible.
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I have emailed the Firbush Office regarding the availability of spaces for another activity weekend in October. I will post to the mailing list when I have a response.


Mar. 19th, 2006 10:07 am
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Oh no. My dreams of sushi and warm sake are cruelly shattered by Compsoc's inability to get a table at Bonsai. Still, it was nice to see everyone again. Compsoc's team won a 5-a-side football tournament, and everyone was happy. Kate was totally knackered from rugby try-outs earlier that day (such a busy life she leads).

I feel kind of bad for saying this, but I'd feel dishonest if I didn't. Chinese Buffet's are bad. Avoid. Mmmkay. Edinburgh has lots of quality Chinese restaurants all over town. Including, but most definitely not limited to:

Loon Fung (Cannonmills)
The Rainbow Arch (Morrison Street)
Kweilin (Frederick Street)
Dragon Way (Southside)
Great Wall (Lothian Road)
Szechuan House (Tollcross)

What happened next )
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The parcel waiting for me at the post office turned out to be PSP Lemmings (I'll bring it on Tuesday, [livejournal.com profile] spacelem). Unfortunately, collecting it led to me being late for work, which started off what was more or less a bad day. The other big achievement for today was paying for my place on the Compsoc trip to Firbush. I also bought a ticket to Jackson & His Computer Band playing at Triptych on the 30th April.


It seems pretty plain to me that Team 17, who handled this port, possess both a deep love for and understanding of the original Lemmings. Read the rest of the review... )

Lucky Number Slevin

Slevin is definitely not high art. On the other hand, whether or not you will find it entertaining depends upon your patience for films that rely almost exclusively on cinematic slight of hand to advance their plot. Read the rest of the review... )
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Neon was a good laugh. As per usual, I got extremely hammered and danced like a nutter (£1 a drink ftw), but it made a nice change from the types of evenings I've been going to lately. I always find that people are very sociable here. Some friendly blokes from the university societies showed up around midnight, and they introduced me to a few people too. The DJs played a lot more rock and metal than they did last time, but there was still a decent amount of EBM on the turntables to keep me happy.

Highlight: I actually got a couple of dances out of the evening. I did my best to talk between tracks, but I'm no conversationalist. There does seem to be the impression that there's a more interesting crowd in attendance at places like Neon. I don't think I've ever danced with the director of a theatre company at The Venue, and I've certainly never been given a rundown of various EVE clans in a conversation there. I think I have to be thankful that I can dance (however silly I must look). Otherwise, I'd most likely never initiate any form of social contact with members of the opposite sex. That aside however, I find dancing to be bloody good fun, and it's always the foremost reason that I go clubbing. That and the "crazy shit" that always seems to happen to me.

On the other hand, turning up for work half-cut and on three hours sleep is not good fun, but you can't have everything perfect.

Last night, I was supposed to go to the Compsoc meeting to pay for my place on the trip to Firbush at Loch Tay. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to go to the wrong venue (why was it changed?), and wound up missing the meeting. I only hope that I can get in contact with the appropriate party before it's too late.


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