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Seven years ago, Irem released a 3D platform adventure on the PS2 named Disaster Report (I'll call it Disaster Report, its US name, since that's the version I played but you may know it as Zettai Zetsumei Toshi or the name under which it was released in the UK, SOS: The Final Escape). What made Disaster Report special was that it was a survival horror game without monsters or guns. You see, Disaster Report is set on an artificial island which has been struck by an earthquake and is now sinking. Playing the role of a young reporter newly arrived on the island, your objective is to reach safe ground, navigating collapsing buildings and avoiding flooding, whilst avoiding death by dehydration. Along the way you partake in a little investigative journalism, exposing politically motivated cost-cutting which has resulted in sub-standard building practices on the island.

As a game in and of itself, it's difficult to fault Disaster Report. However, it was sadly let down somewhat by the limitations of the PS2's 3D hardware. Not overly so, but frequently enough that you felt that the developers had been straining to deliver their original intentions.

Two sequels later, and Irem are delivering a new iteration for the PS3:

(Best viewed at 720p). Hopefully, the above demonstrates why I might be interested in this follow-up.

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