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I handed in my letter of resignation this past Thursday. My contract with my employer ends June 16th. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get away earlier though, as I have five and a half days of annual leave left to take. In preparation for my newly unemployed status, I have update my CV and list of referees. I've also been accumulating the contact details of as many recruitment agencies as I can.


I was supposed to be investigating content management systems for the PSC this weekend. Instead, I spent most of my time fighting with PHP and MySQL. And losing. The CMS chosen by their website admin does indeed seem like overkill for what they are wanting to do with it. On the other hand, Narada's suggestion of Wordpress doesn't really seem to fit the bill either, as it doesn't seem to have any reasonable means of managing a non-trivial number of pages. But Wordpress does have familiarity and a plethora of ready-built templates and plugins going for it.

Apart from that, I've watched a lot of The West Wing of late.

My flatmates threw a party last night, which consisted of watching Eurovision followed by a lot of drunken conversation. One of their friends brought his iPod, which served as the entertainment for the night, although his taste in music failed, in the opinion of my flatmates, to be cheesy enough for the proceedings. I got to sneak some Pink Floyd on the system eventually, and we finished the evening by talking about cinema over the bottles of fake Smirnoff Ice that had sat mysteriously in the fridge for the past six months.


The Budapest Symphony Orchestra playing at the Usher Hall


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