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Some good things that happened:

a) I made a chili to my sister's recipé, and it turned out yummy. Secret ingredients: chocolate, lemon juice and an OXO cube.

b) I acquired Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for six quid. Finding time to play it has been another matter altogether. One night this week, I must go to bed early with my DS for company.

c) I've been enjoying copious amounts of NCIS. It's teh r0x0r. Characters that can I care about, a sense of humour, witty dialogue, and storytelling that manages to be fantastical without requiring suspension of disbelief. And Abigail is damn hot.

d) I've also been enjoying The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham. I have a creepy thing for end of the world novels.

e) Edge wrote an impressive retrospective feature on Jet Set Radio Future this month that pretty much pinned down exactly what made the game so brilliant. To quote: "Jet Set Radio Future is not a game, it's a place."


Part of me says, "That's so wrong." The rest is wondering why I can't think like that.
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Coke and Cake playing at the Blue Blazer. Coke's the one on the right, but apparently they take turns. Apart from their own stuff, which is fantastic, they played a few top notch Radiohead covers. Listening Room aside, the rest of the night was rather naff. Especially the part where I got kicked out of two nightclubs for falling asleep.

West Wing == Crack

I did mean to go to the Dean Gallery today, but after watching an episode of the West Wing Season 4 over lunch, I thought "just one more." Of course, I didn't make it out of the house until five. And that was only because I realized that I had eaten the flat's last remaining item of "food" for lunch.

My search for food took me to the Whisky Society where I enjoyed a fantastic pre-theatre dinner of smoked salmon mousse followed by roast pork and mustard mashed potatoes. You can't honestly take me to a place with "whisky" in its name and expect me not to have a few. Actually, I spent more on whisky than on food. Although I got one dram on the house when I managed to snarf the last drop of 36.31 ("Speyside of the gods" -- Leynos).

There's a thought. Save for those sensible enough to buy a bottle of the stuff, I am among the last people to drink this particular creation. And there will never be another exactly like it.

Following dinner, I watched Paradise Now, a fictional account of the final forty-eight hours of two Palistinian suicide bombers, at the Cameo.

Paradise Now

My impression of Paradise Now is that it offers something of a discussion between those who have grown up under occupation and those who are seeing it from the outside. The filmmakers are clearly against the idea of suicide bombing, but rather than offer a damning condemnation, they explore what it means to both the bombers themselves and to people still holding some modicum of faith in a non-violent solution.

I have seen the case for suicide bombing put forward before, most notably in 11"09'01. I can see why, in a situation of desperation, it would make sense, but I can't agree with it. Aside from the obvious reason, it is, as Lubna in Paradise Now explains, just offering a continued excuse for the mistreatment of the bombers own people. By offering these perspectives, the film is the most complete exploration of the subject that I have seen to date.

I want to write a proper review of the film, but right now, I'm not quite ready to do it justice. Right now, I'll just mention that I thought it pretty funny that the Hamas Minister of Culture thought he might have to take issue with the film.
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The problem:

I'd like a list of upcoming UK cinema releases on my palmtop. I previously accomplished this by ripping the IMDb's Recent Releases page using Plucker. While this worked, it was far from ideal. Too much unwanted flim flam y'see.

So I set about creating a replacement. In doing so, I did some coding. Yay. The first bit of programming I've done in over a year. Okay, so it was in PHP, and yeah, the code I wrote sucks the big one, but it does what I need it to do.

What it does is scrape the release info from the page, and filter out all the useless (for me) stuff, such as videos, videogames and festival releases, then present it in a form convenient to a palmtop. The page can then be ripped using Plucker or some similar tool.

Download here.

I just wrote it for myself, so the code is a mess, and it has no comments. But I'm kind of pleased I did something with this evening other than get drunk and read Slashdot. I'll maybe add individual pages for each film when I can find another free evening.


In other news, I'd forgotten the extent to which The West Wing kicks arse, having made a start on Season Four. The first two episodes raised smiles, inspired and enthralled in equal measures.

Now I need to pack for the games night at [livejournal.com profile] brucec's place tomorrow. I'll be bringing my PS2 with Virtua Tennis 2 and Street Fighter 2.


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