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The undercoat in the livingroom is finished and my sister is away back to London. I didn't feel up to painting today, but hopefully, over tomorrow and Monday, I will have finished the hall, and all will be white. It reminds me of an abandoned bunker someone took photos of, where everything had been painted grey, even the lightbulbs and gauges. We're painting over textured wallpaper. I think it will look a bit daft when it's done, but it just has to be convincing for someone visiting.

The sooner I get all this painting done, the sooner I can move back to Edinburgh and get on with my life.

I'm not going to JakN for Hogmannay after all. This makes me kind of sad, but at least it will save me money. More money for games. Woo. I will probably pick Mushi and Ibara up next week. Although I don't have my PS2 back yet, so I will have nothing to play them on.

I think that I should also get Every Extend Extra (PSP), the new Tetsuya Mizuguchi game that I have been putting off for months. It makes sense to buy stuff that I can actually play.

I should probably be thinking about buying stuff for the flat I want to move to soon as well. Since I ultimately want to buy a flat, I'll be needing kitchen paraphernalia and such like. I see a trip to TkMaxx at some point in my near future.
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I made a start to repainting the house today, at my sister's prompting. The undercoat is now done of half of the dining room. Well, I did say "a start." When my sister returns tomorrow, hopefully we'll get more done with the extra pair of hands to safely reshuffle furniture. A lot of filling and sanding needing done too.


I picked up Lord of War for six quid in Blockbuster. Having seen it before, I watched it with audio commentary first. Something that struck me, listening to the commentary is how much CG had been employed by the film that went unnoticed by the audience. People can have limbs digitally amputated, Capetown can stand in seamlessly for New York, gunshot wounds added after the fact, and whole sequences produced on computer, without drawing attention to themselves.

The sequence in question was one that raised a smile, whilst at the same time serving the story. An almost diametric opposite to Fincher's CG wankery, which, whilst incredibly clever, served only to draw attention to itself. I'm incredibly pleased for films like Lord of War and Irreversible, that use CG and digital compositing as a means of extending and solidifying reality as opposed to supplanting it.


Something else that's been on my mind lately is the lack of attention I've given to videogames in my life over the past year. I've missed out on so much that's good. I think it's time I re-evaluated the way I spend my time and money and returned my focus to that which is important. I want to buy a Neo Geo this year, but before that, there are a fair few significant PS2 releases that I must catch up on. Not least of which are the Cave shoot 'em ups Ibara and Mushihime Sama.


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