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So I got to hear plenty of nice industrial at Opium last night. Unfortunately, fatigue kept me from staying past 1 am, but enjoyed myself, and once the place started to fill up, strangers actually seemed quite agreeable to random banter. The people who invited me proved very accommodating, and I enjoyed the novel feeling of meeting people from a club night on a separate occasion. Gary, the DJ from Neon, played an impressive set, despite one of the CD decks in Opium being dodgy.

As per usual, I got the unwelcome impression that I was intruding on a social circle where I didn't quite belong. I dunno to what extent that is the case, but I'd prefer if it happened to be an imagined perception. It gets so bad at times that I'll retreat to the other side of the room.

The manager I spoke to today turned out to be quite pleased with the work that I had done, which makes me happy. He had some changes to make, but they all made sense as far as I was concerned. There's just one more manager to speak to on Tuesday, and I can get it sent off to the printers. Job done, assuming the proofs turn out to everyone's satisfaction.

I'm on holiday from work for the next four days, because of Easter. Bankers really like their holidays. I'm rather skint, but I have lots of fun and (hopefully) inexpensive stuff planned. Surprisingly few films, but I still hope to fit a couple in, including Junebug. No big club nights however. I'm just not in the mood for crowds right now, and Easter 'events' are usually packed. Hobo on Sunday seems like a good idea though.


Fuck backlashes. Placebo were never bad, and You Could Have It So Much Better with Franz Ferdinand is a far more rounded and complete album than their debut. The wealth of quality tracks has made it a mainstay on my MP3 player for the past couple of months. I'm also fair getting into Placebo's new album, Meds. In places, it's more of the same, but it's also very fresh sounding in others, not least of which the title song. Meanwhile, a recent introduction to Combichrist has fed my insatiable hunger for industrial techno.


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