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A lot has happened in the past month. Too much to really write down on my lunchbreak (which is what I'm trying to do).

Living with someone takes a lot of getting used to. Especially if you're new to it all. It's worthwhile though.

Good things that happened:

I saw the Phantom of the Opera silent movie with live organ accompanyment at the Usher Hall on All Hallow's Eve with Scottie and Angus. That was lots of fun. It sounded like the organist was having fun too.

Firbush was great too. I've got some photies somewhere, which will be up in due course. I'll let Paul tell you about it. The half-day's sailing I managed to partake in was fantastic. A light breeze on a crystal clear loch.

I finally got to eat at the Queen Street Cafe during my lunch break. With Sam, no less. Yay.

We've been shopping at Ikea, Habitat and BHS for goodies for the flat. There's still a lot of junk that I brought over when I moved in, but we're making progress in sorting everything out.

Not so good things that have happened:

My Dad died two weeks ago. Basically, things have been a mess. My sister has been sorting most of it out, and taking care of my Mum. I hope I've been helpful, but I wish I could do more. The funeral was on Monday. A very sad day.

My Dad was really the person who held the family together. There was so much more I whish I'd asked him. So much more I sish I could have done to help him and my Mum when he was still alive. He taught me so much about life, but there was so much more he had to teach. He was a great cook, and a great father. He was respected at work, by his friends and loved by his family. Even his clients came to the funeral.

His death was totally unexpected. Just about the last thing I expected to happen.

I'll miss him.
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I met someone wonderful. Her name is Sam and she collects dolls. I'm moving in with her at the end of October.


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