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I was woken by a phone call this morning asking if I could start a job today. Unfortunately, the job consisted of audio typing, so I had to turn it down. If I had taken the job, it would have made the agency look bad, since their client would have asked for someone with audio typing experience, which I do not have.

Looks like I'll have to try and acquire some then. [livejournal.com profile] scotm suggested transcribing from an audio book, which I shall have a go at.

On the other hand, I can definitely now say I have minute taking experience, as I have done it for the Edinburgh PSC on several occasions.
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I'd forgotten how much fun being unemployed is. Getting to sleep in until four every day, watching The West Wing for 12 hours non-stop, living off bowls of breakfast cereal, etc.

Er.... Actually, that's not quite true. I've so far resisted the urge to become nocturnal. I'd give it a couple of weeks yet. I've registered with three temping agencies so far, and I've got another three looking for permanent work for me. So I'm pretty hopeful that something will turn up soon. I even went to the job centre on Thursday in lieu of going to the cinema. Consequently, I have a proper interview tomorrow in teh city.

Who knows, I could be on my way to finding my dream job. But I will have to get completely wrecked at at least one midweek club night before I start whatever employment I find.

I went to Fever last night and met up with Scottie and his friends. In Fever, I have found my new regular club night. It's not Dogma, but I can't keep searching for what isn't there. Fever is its own night and offers the kind of escapism that I need. The music is just perfectly judged, and the people there are so friendly and accepting. There are lots of places where you can jump around like a crazy person to banging music, but to find a place where you feel you belong is something a lot harder.

And when you find that place, it should be treasured and never taken for granted.
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I went sailing today, as part of a taster course at Port Edgar in South Queensferry. The days instructions covered setting up the dinghy, steering, tacking and sailing into the wind. I've been sailing before, with Compsoc, and before that, with the New Deal programme. Having a whole day's tuition, in a smaller group and with far more explanation of the theory helps a lot in understanding what is going on. I still haven't quite grokked how sailing into the wind actually works, but at least now I know how it's done.

The sailing was done in a Wayfarer, with two other students and an instructor. Sailing under the bridges is quite breathtaking at times. I also got to fulfill wone of my lifelong dreams of taking a close up look at Inchgarvie, when we got carried too far east by the tide. A rather gruff supervisor came along in a motor launch and towed us back, to our tutor's dismay.


I've been very busy these past two weeks.

A good deal of that time has, as you'd imagine, been spent looking for a job. And of course, I haven't found one yet, but I didn't really expect to either. My current plan is to spend my first week of unemployment searching for temporary work. Hopefully something along the lines of the team secretary job I had before starting with the bank, but I'll most likely have to take whatever comes along.

So, what else happened?

Ho-Il has left for South Korea now. I'm sorry to see him go, and I wish him luck with the rest of his studies. He'll be back in a year to finish his degree at Edinburgh. We've had a good deal of fun playing videogames and cooking for each other. I hope I can someday cook as well as he does. I doubt I'll ever be as good at Tekken 5, but playing against him has been inspirational.

I played my first proper evening of Big Eyes Small Mouth on Wednesday. Not only did Stephen turn me into a Dryad, but he dropped me straight into a love triangle! Quite a mindfuck. We've already had the obligatory bathhouse scene, so it looks like things can only go downhill from here.

I left my job on Friday, and my colleagues gave me an envelope stuffed full of cash as a parting gift. It actually surprised me to see some of the signatures on the card, since I can never really tell what kind of effect I have on people. I can't say that I will miss the job, but I will miss many of the people I worked beside. Just about everyone there was a character (in a good way).

After work, I went to a demonstration held by the PSC outside of the Edinburgh office of the European Commission, in protest against the EU's sanctions on Palestine. For a four pm start, we got an impressive attendance, in fact, more people than were at the demonstration outside of the Disney Store. Several passers-by even joined in the protest. A representative from the Commission met with the demo's organizer, and they discussed things in a very civilized and erudite manner, before agreeing to pass on the PSC's message to his superiors.


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