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Aug. 21st, 2008 11:23 pm
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Okay, so I flattened some of the boxes, disposed of the empty beer bottles, and tackled the leaning tower of dirty dishes.

Now I wonder if I can apply some of this new found motivation to finishing my SuperGun.

Also, I now have seven Saturn pads and a multitap. You know what that means.
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Kitty discovers the suede beanbag

My two seater sofa will be getting delivered on Thursday. It had better fit this time. I'm still waiting on my high def DVD player and the SCART switch boxes, but everything should be all set up by the end of next week.

I've also ordered four official Gamecube joypads, Gamecube Mario Kart and Gamecube Smash Brothers from a liquidation company in America. This should be a laugh.

It'd be nice to try and pick up four Konga drums at some point, and get ahold of that four player Tetris for the SNES. Although I think my next project should maybe be obtaining ten Saturn pads for a bit of Hi-Ten Bomberman. VGI have a boxed set with a multitap and two pads at £90 as a starter.

I've been spending a bit of time lately playing Phantom Brave on the PS2. It's full of all the crazy mental ideas you'd expect in an NIS game.


Lidl were selling fennel for 35p a bulb today (roughly one tenth the price of the stuff in Sainsbury's). So I bought some (along with some dirt cheap asparagus and rocket) and roasted it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as per the suggestion of the first Google hit for "roasted fennel", and the result was fantastic.
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Of course the computer was about the last thing I packed

Two Days

Apr. 25th, 2007 08:49 pm
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I signed the papers for my flat today. Picking up the keys on Friday. My sister sent me some towels for my flat, which turned out to be just what I needed, and she says I can take one of the dinner services my Mum bought for her.

I also got my prescription today. I wonder how it will go.


A happy birthday is wished to [ profile] glass_bubblegum and [ profile] liceas. :)


Apr. 22nd, 2007 12:16 pm
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My Uncle and aunt invited me over for dinner last night. The evening turned out rather well, surprisingly. They'd made spaghetti with meatballs, and my cousin showed me Monkeyball on the Wii and a strange ITV show called Primeval that he currently seems to be addicted too. After dinner, we all watched Doctor Who and The House of Sand and Fog which was showing on the BBC.

Yesterday, I also sorted out cable Internet for my new flat and paid the balance on my sofa.

On Friday, I met Lu and Michael for coffee. Since I only had an hour, we met in town. The only place I could think of in town where we'd have a remote chance of finding a seat and holding a conversation at a sensible volume was the Whisky Society members' room, which turned out to be quite a sensible choice. (Besides, I'm paying for membership, why not use the bloody thing).

That, and they make pretty decent coffee there too.

From Lu, I bought Harvest Moon for the Gameboy Advance, which I played a little of over Saturday.

Today, I will hopefully get a decent amount of packing done (if I don't spend the whole day lying in bed eating chocolate). And it's steak diane for dinner tonight.
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I went rather crazy today and bought on eBay:
  • Dead Rising
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • Amped 3

Nope. I haven't bought an Xbox 360 yet. I just wanted to make sure I have plenty of games for when I do.

I also bought a nice shiny blue tie from Harvey Nicks. Just so I can say that my tie cost more than my suit jacket. That's how messed up my priorities are.

Ouran went out in style, with a well deserved grand finale

And I'll know on Friday if I got that flat in Wester Hailes or not.

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Hmmm... That'll teach me not to show up at a viewing without having first checked ahead.

Ahem. Anyway, I've lost the bidding on another two flats. The most recent one went for £102,000. That's a ridiculous 47% above the asking price. And that was without any carpets and in dire need of a new kitchen. A quick check of my budget spreadsheet tells me that I can't afford to spend £102,000. Let alone spend that and the £20k or so it would have cost me to get it into ship shape condition.

The second flat I viewed on Thursday was identical structurally, and in the same area, but fully decorated. The prospective buyer wouldn't have had to do anything to the place what so-ever. In other words, I haven't a hope in hell of getting it. Oh well.

Earlier, I also missed a similar flat on a fixed price sale. I put my offer in at 8:45am, the day after it was listed. And it had already gone. This business is insane.

Call me mad, but I'm going to view a couple of flats in the Hailes tomorrow. I liked living in Sighthill. Honest. I only ever got threatened with physical violence once. And it's just across the road from the local Lidl.


My experiment for today was to see if using mince from the local butcher would yield a better tasting chili than on one made using frozen mince. I also added a level teaspoon of cumin seeds.

The results from the first night seem to suggest that, yes, it does make quite a bit of difference. Three quid's difference? Well, since it does three meals, it's not so bad when you average it out.

Also, I somehow never seem to manage to spend less than ten quid when I visit Sommerfield. The bottle of 1664 Premiere and the trip to the olive bar didn't help I guess. Tasty though.


Fruits Basket volume 13 is out of the way now. Must find volume 14. The suspense is killing me. Will something happen between Kyo and Tohru? And will Ou-chan's crush get a sodding clue?


I just found out that Club Noir is on in Edinburgh this month (24th March). And it's at Calton Studios this time. I must go.


Mar. 3rd, 2007 09:34 pm
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I'm really starting to hate this house now. Really. It's starting to seriously depress me. To the extent that I have at times considered checking into a hotel rather than return home at night.

Similarly, despite the fact that I enjoy my job, the constant backwards and forwards-ing has been proving to be a little too much for me.

So with that in mind, a day of down time was exactly what I needed. I ate stupid amounts of chocolate, shoveled all my mum's junk mail into a bin liner, procured a bottle of shiraz, which I enjoyed with a lamb dansakh, and watched The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover and The Devil Wears Prada.

Peter Greenaway really should be locked up.

The day comfortably wasted, I feel a lot better now. Tomorrow, I visit my mother.

Now, regarding the house purchasing business, it's plodding along. I have a little bit of focus in my search now. I think I can get a reasonably priced flat of decent size if I look in the right place. I'm sick of viewing shoeboxes in Meadobank that I know will sell for 100k+, so I have decided to abandon any dreams of living within walking distance of Calton Studios, but I figure that my new objective offers a fair bit of promise.

Should be fun.
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Damn. I was outbid on my dream flat by £10 000.

Not only that, but the seller's dithering meant that I missed a chance to bid on an attractive (and cheap) flat in Wester Hailes.

Since it was Thursday tonight, another viewing was in order. Unfortunately, the flat in question turned out to be rather the worse for wears, and would take in the region of £30 000 worth of renovation (in my estimation) to become livable. Not something I have the time, or funds for.

So right now, I'm a little bit down. Read that how you will.


Feb. 14th, 2007 08:40 pm
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I'm being kept in suspense! The closing date for my dream flat passed today, and My solicitor phoned to tell me that the estate agents have been unable to get in contact with the seller. So it will be another day before I know whether or not I was successful. My nerves are in tatters.

Meanwhile, my future kitchen got a nice boost today in the form of a free microwave and toaster from my boss. I also bought a set of electronic scales for £1.60. Sweet! Just a a few more little bits and bobs to pick up. Most of them falling under the category of 'luxuries'.


Feb. 13th, 2007 01:25 am
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I phoned my solicitor and put in an offer this morning. Now I'm biting my nails. No, not literally.
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I saw a really nice flat today. Nice, as in the kind of place I'd like to live in for the next ten years, as opposed to, "This'll do as a stopgap until I can climb the next rung on the housing ladder." Two bedrooms, sanded wood floors, and a 15 minute bus ride from the Leith Shore. It needs a shower fitted, and could possibly do with a new kitchen, but other than that, it's fantastic. It's even in a Telewest area. And I can afford it too, assuming the price doesn't skyrocket amid the hysteria typically associated with the Edinburgh property market. I'm going to phone my solicitor first thing on Monday and see about putting in an offer. This should be a laugh.
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I've been thinking about shelf space requirements for when I do finally buy new furniture. I want my new flat to be like a library of gaming, with games and magazines all on display and accessible, categorized by system, and all the loose cartridges in easy to get at drawers. And, of course, plenty of space devoted to DVDs, Laserdiscs and CDs.

Never let it be said that the things I own don't own me.

In Kinross, my games and magazines that I left behind filled three full-height book cases, with plenty of overflow (I reckon I could have filled another easily). Then, in Edinburgh, I filled one bookcase with DVDs, and still had to keep all of my Xbox and PS2 games in a cardboard box. That suggests I'm going to need at least six full-height bookcases pitched for magazines and DVDs. Goodness.

An idea that Sam suggested is a partition made of shelving. Depending on the shape of flat I eventually find myself in, I may put this idea into practice, as I could imagine it working really well.

Then there's CD storage. I've already been able to fill a full-height CD tower with my music CDs, and that's excluding the PlayStation, PC Engine and Saturn games I left behind in Kinross. On top of that, I have no intention of ceasing to buy new games any time soon. So by my reckoning, I'll be needing three CD towers as well.

Finally, I need something to house my consoles and AV equipment. I'll need something that can accommodate nine consoles (many of them top-loading), a DVD player, a Laserdisc player, and a receiver. And, of course, there will be more consoles to come. I think the only real option is to admit that they are not all going to fit in the one unit. Something like this could sit under the TV and accommodate the AV equipment and the few front-loading consoles, then I could find some kind of wide pitched trolly for the others. Awkward. And expensive.

I'll probably have to take a week off of work to assemble all of this too.


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