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Learn to beatmatch, for fuck's sake.

Please note: Having a laptop and a hard drive full of MP3s does not make you a DJ. If you can't be bothered to learn how to use a pair of decks, at least try to explore the artistic potential of your chosen medium.

There are good laptop DJs out there. The one playing on Saturday at Bastard wasn't one of them.


Jul. 11th, 2007 08:08 am
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A club night called slashdot?

Pyz, Nomad and B*Wilder are all damn good, so I think I may check it out. No idea what The Hives are like. Hopefully larger than the Cab.
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Hmmm... That'll teach me not to show up at a viewing without having first checked ahead.

Ahem. Anyway, I've lost the bidding on another two flats. The most recent one went for £102,000. That's a ridiculous 47% above the asking price. And that was without any carpets and in dire need of a new kitchen. A quick check of my budget spreadsheet tells me that I can't afford to spend £102,000. Let alone spend that and the £20k or so it would have cost me to get it into ship shape condition.

The second flat I viewed on Thursday was identical structurally, and in the same area, but fully decorated. The prospective buyer wouldn't have had to do anything to the place what so-ever. In other words, I haven't a hope in hell of getting it. Oh well.

Earlier, I also missed a similar flat on a fixed price sale. I put my offer in at 8:45am, the day after it was listed. And it had already gone. This business is insane.

Call me mad, but I'm going to view a couple of flats in the Hailes tomorrow. I liked living in Sighthill. Honest. I only ever got threatened with physical violence once. And it's just across the road from the local Lidl.


My experiment for today was to see if using mince from the local butcher would yield a better tasting chili than on one made using frozen mince. I also added a level teaspoon of cumin seeds.

The results from the first night seem to suggest that, yes, it does make quite a bit of difference. Three quid's difference? Well, since it does three meals, it's not so bad when you average it out.

Also, I somehow never seem to manage to spend less than ten quid when I visit Sommerfield. The bottle of 1664 Premiere and the trip to the olive bar didn't help I guess. Tasty though.


Fruits Basket volume 13 is out of the way now. Must find volume 14. The suspense is killing me. Will something happen between Kyo and Tohru? And will Ou-chan's crush get a sodding clue?


I just found out that Club Noir is on in Edinburgh this month (24th March). And it's at Calton Studios this time. I must go.


Sep. 2nd, 2006 04:05 am
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Since everything must stop for the Film Festival, I delayed my birthday celebration until September 1st. Well, that's it all over now. I'm 26. Woo.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, despite the abysmal mess I made of the planning. I can't express this well enough, but you being there means the world to me. *sob*

I got lots of nice presents, some quite unexpected. A bottle of Aberlour whisky and a box of Haribos from my parents, eau de toilette from my sister, Filmhouse vouchers from Angus, and sushi from Lu and Michael.

No one's ever given me sushi for my birthday before. :)

Lots of people bought me drinks too. Cheers for those.

JakN was also great. I'll probably get throttled for saying this, but it was like being back at Dogma. I've never felt so at home as how I do when I'm dancing to techno on the main floor at Studio 24. It's my own personal heaven.
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I went to the Stop the War march on Saturday. And somehow I got roped into stewarding. That turned out to be not as difficult as I'd expected. What the task consisted of was walking five metres in front of the main demonstration, as part of a line of people linking arms.

I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but I think I heard three to five thousand being thrown about. Certainly, it was enough people to fill Middle Meadow Walk, where it started.

The route of the march took us down Forest Road, then onto Chamber Street and across the Bridges. At Princes Street, we turned right and marched to the American Consulate. There, a delegation from Lebanon left some effects of victims of the bombings, and we observed a one minute silence. After snaking back on itself, the march proceeded back to Princes Street, then finally onto the Mound, where several speakers addressed the crowd.

It made me happy to see people waving the Palestinian flags I'd brought along to the march. About half-way through, a gentleman near the front of the march handed me a big Palestinian flag to hold alongside the Lebanese and Hezbollah flags being carried by other people in the line.

The crowd was angry, but the demonstration went peacefully as best as I could tell. I hope that the march in someway helped to change the mind of someone who makes decisions.

Club Noir

The march left me feeling pretty damn knackered. I guess I'm not such a young thing anymore. I'd paid for a ticket for Club Noir, so I went along, though I'd rather have been on better form.

Club Noir is, according to the announcer, the world's biggest burlesque club. He's not entirely sure what that means either, but it's good to know. For the first hour and a half, the club takes the form of a social, with music ranging from rock and roll to big band to punk being played. The most amusing thing had to be the big band cover of White Wedding.

I just had a wonder around, doing my best to look cool in my Jed Phoenix gear, and admiring the get-up. As you can imagine, the rubber dresses and corsets were out in force. As I'd also guessed, a good number of blokes arrived dressed in pin-striped suits with white ties and handkerchiefs. I have to give the proprietors of Electric Caberet top marks for their pirate outfits.

Eventually, a woman took pity on my standing by the stage on my own, and asked my over to join her friends. We exchanged some polite natter about swing dancing, but I didn't want to impose, so I made my excuses after the first act.

Yes, the acts. These consisted of, among other things, striptease, softcore S&M performances, bawdy dances, stand-up, and lots of tassels. My favourites were the pathos filled story of a fire swallowing clown couple, who found love in the end, and the young lady who takes an angle grinder to her chastity belt, resulting in a shower of sparks.

The performers of club noir blend their eroticism with artistry and talent, meaning their acts raise smiles as much as entice. Two of the performances that had me laughing the most were m/m acts, which goes a fair way towards explaining the universal appeal of the night.

"I share this office with my partner Jack. I keep my gun loaded, and Jack keeps me loaded." -- Film Noir
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I received two rather noteworthy telephone calls today.

The first was from my Dad, to say that my Granddad had suffered a stroke. Thankfully, I'm told, the doctors don't anticipate any serious lasting effects. None the less, he is in hospital for the time being, and it must be quite an ordeal for him and my Gran. My Dad says he'll keep me up to date with what's going on. My Granddad influenced me a lot in my early life, and in good part, I have him to thank for my interest in computers and technology. Hearing this news reminded me that he won't be around forever, and despite his flaws, I should never let him and my Gran drift away, now more than ever. I really hope that he recovers as fully as possible.

The other call was from Ho-Il, who phoned to let me know that he had passed his exams, and will be moving to America in August. I told him about my new job, so we both had something to congratulate each other for. He says he'll be returning to Edinburgh in a year's time, so I'll be looking forward to seeing him again.

Splash Damage

The rest of the weekend brought much joy.

On Saturday morning, I joined some of my former workmates in an outing to the skirmish paintball centre. This was all a good laugh. Most of the games involved capturing a batton from the opposing team, with battlefields laid out in a variety of configurations. The first, a mock urban wasteland put both teams on an even footing, and five minutes of infinite lives gave everyone a chance to familiarize themselves with the paintball marker guns.

Being shot doesn't actually hurt as much as I'd expected. At a distance at any rate. One of our party received a really evil looking bruise on her shoulder after being hit at three metres. The brief moments of discomfort however were far outweighed by the excitement of the mock warfare.

More complicated battlefields included an assault on an island being held by the opposing team. Chris managed to surprise everyone, including the supervisors, by sneaking in the back way and catching everyone unawares, while the rest of his team were being mowed down in ineffectual rush attempts. Seeing him storm the base impressed the hell out of me. It was like watching something from Counter Strike played out in real life.

Chris says it's airsoft next for us.

Disco Sucks

Fever at Ego, once again, provided a quality night out, with the kind of techno that gets inside your head and won't let you stop dancing until you drop.

Possibly taking club accessories too far, but we love it anyway

Stuart and Fraser from my old work both made it along, so I wasn't lonely. Trying to catch both of them in the same room together was a bit of a challenge. I don't think I actually got them rounded up until around 2 AM. But it all worked out in the end, which made me happy.

I finally snarfed one of the DJ set CDs too. W00t. Something nice for my MP3 player.

After Fever, I followed Stuart and his gang to a party in a flat on Dundas Street. This being one of those parties where no-one knows anyone else, nor whose flat it actually is. Quite amusing. Anyway, the place was massive. More like a mansion than a flat. The only disappointment being that we didn't stay too long. A couple of DJs from the quarry party were just setting up as we left, but I think the polite thing to do was to stick with the people who got me here.

A second party took us to 6 AM, but by this time, I was reduced to sitting in the corner nodding. I finally got home and to bed at 8 AM.

The Best Place

It's been a while since I last visited the Listening Room, the open mic night on Sundays in the Blazer. I couldn't stay for the whole thing, owing to being completely knackered, but what I did here was worth it.

Chris Brown played two new songs, both top quality hymns that take one away to another place.

Frank "Freeloader" Titterton performed an amusing gripe about bluebottles pestering him during the long summers. Complete with a kazoo to emulate the buzzing.

A two piece band, Confushion played three lively country numbers, augmented, rather distinctively, with what I took to be a mandolin.
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Dhruba sent me this link:

DJ Q*Bert working some magic.


The Good

The DJs played some fantabulous music. As promised, a blend of electroclash, punk and electro-house. The highlight for me was the mash-up of Vitalic's Fa Rock and Rock Show by Peaches.

Once the people there started dancing, they actually turned out to be quite friendly.

The Bad

The place was almost empty for a good part of the evening, and no-one danced for a looong time. Boring.

Sorry, but I don't do conversation.
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JakN, the top notch Edinburgh techno night is returning. Their new venue is: Calton Studios. Yup, it's like a dream come true.

Friday, 1st September. And it's free entry!


See yous there.
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You know you've come to the right place when you see, stenciled on the wall:

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I'd forgotten how much fun being unemployed is. Getting to sleep in until four every day, watching The West Wing for 12 hours non-stop, living off bowls of breakfast cereal, etc.

Er.... Actually, that's not quite true. I've so far resisted the urge to become nocturnal. I'd give it a couple of weeks yet. I've registered with three temping agencies so far, and I've got another three looking for permanent work for me. So I'm pretty hopeful that something will turn up soon. I even went to the job centre on Thursday in lieu of going to the cinema. Consequently, I have a proper interview tomorrow in teh city.

Who knows, I could be on my way to finding my dream job. But I will have to get completely wrecked at at least one midweek club night before I start whatever employment I find.

I went to Fever last night and met up with Scottie and his friends. In Fever, I have found my new regular club night. It's not Dogma, but I can't keep searching for what isn't there. Fever is its own night and offers the kind of escapism that I need. The music is just perfectly judged, and the people there are so friendly and accepting. There are lots of places where you can jump around like a crazy person to banging music, but to find a place where you feel you belong is something a lot harder.

And when you find that place, it should be treasured and never taken for granted.
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I wish I could say that Tokyoblu had gone out with a bang. Unfortunately though, it all seemed to go wrong somewhere.

The night started off well, with the Beatroot DJs playing some fantastic electro house to a sadly near-empty dance floor. The others in the room were quite happy to engage in some warm-up shenanigans. I even had one guy bowing down to me, rather bizarrely.

The lead up to the Tokyoblu band on the main stage also proved worthwhile, with plenty of lively funky house. Pepe Santamaria's energetic as ever percussion adding another payer of excitement to the proceedings and bringing the crowd to a frenzy by one o'clock.

Tokyoblu's six piece band put on a respectable show, with their trademark gliding bass and snaking guitar chords backed up once again with Pepe's infectious drumming. I can't say that this was the best I've heard them play, nor was the sound really as sharp as it should have been, but live house is always a pleasure to experience, offering an extra dimension of sensory feedback that vinyl can't match.

Sadly, this is where it started to fall apart. With the crowd psyched and the band off the stage, it was time for the DJs to pick up the baton and bring the party to a crescendo. Well, they dropped it. The last hour consisted of a staid and lifeless set on the main stage, with the Michigan DJs in the loft playing what appeared to be house lacking in any sense of coherency whatsoever. And this is coming from someone who thrives on hard techno. When it feels like your dancing despite rather than because of the music, something is just not right.

The crowd didn't help much either, being self-absorbed and uncommunicative. There's no fun in dancing beside a bunch of people who have no interest in talking or even making eye contact. Granted, I did get some smiles earlier in the evening, and a contingent of ravers from Club Michigan were indeed present, but the Lothian Road massive far outnumbered them.

And Tokyoblu used to be such a friendly place.

Well, one more weekend and that's The Venue gone. I've said my goodbye. To be perfectly honest, I'm too skint to do much clubbing this summer anyway. Fever at Ego is my new regular night. I'll be at the next one (24th June). Fake at Studio 24 sounds promising, but I'm going to have to miss its launch night for one reason or another. I'm sure I'll have time for the odd Ascension or two in there as well.

I must go to at least one free party.


No offense to Chris, who did an excellent job of cutting it to specification, but I don't think that my new hairstyle suits me.
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So caught up in the joy of discovering a working Cygwin installation hidden deep within the depths of the Windows XP machines at work, that I kind of forgot that most people haven't a clue as to the significance of this find. "Unix? What, you mean like the people with no testicles?"


Kendo and Friday Night Politics

Anyway, since Anime Soc is done and dusted for this academic year, I can move my kendo class to a Tuesday, which means I once again have my Fridays to myself again. w00t. This Friday is the last Tokyoblu at the Venue. The reason being that the Venue is closing down. Since Tokyoblu was the first club night I went to, I feel that I owe it to them to help give the Venue a good send off.

As for the kendo, it's going as well as can be expected. I've missed about four weeks due to a combination of fear and laziness. Returning after the break went surprisingly smoothly. I found to my amusement that I could remember the names of the nine kihon-waza, but I couldn't for the life of me recall what any of them did. Never mind.

After a very rigorous warm up, the sensei took as through a variety of shinai exercises in slow motion. This afforded a good deal of opportunity to concentrate on footwork and posture. The slower pace also helped me in getting back into the swing of things.

Big Eyes Small Mouth

The first night of Stephen's BESM game happened today. The entire time was, as promised, spent on character generation. Quite an elabourate process. I now have an ingame persona that I'm happy with.

BESM is a roleplaying system designed to facilitate anime themed games. It places emphasis on roleplaying over combat (allegedly), and uses a much simpler system of attributes compared with D20. It pretty much boils down to Mind, Body and Soul. (Sounds a bit like kendo.) The game in question will begin in a heavily mythicized golden-age Japan, bordered on three sides by the beast folk, spirit folk and the dragon blooded.

In our party, there is conveniently one of each. Kunshu from AASoc is playing the spirit being. I haven't met the other two before, but they seem like fun blokes. All four wield elemental swords (think Cloud in FF7 for an idea of scale), fashioned by the human emperor as symbols of the truce binding the four races.

My character is a human samurai whose scarred face belies a dedication to spirituality and scholarship. Although loyal to his clan and emperor, a troubled past may well come back to haunt him as the game progresses.

I'm a little curious about what I've gotten myself into, as by accounts, past games with this lot have involved among other things spontaneous gender change, lesbian seduction and cute school girls going through goth phases (whatever that might entail). It certainly won't be boring anyway.
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There were clothing stalls at Dark City. And I got to meet Jed Phoenix. :o And I bought:


There were quite a few designers there actually. Much as I like browsing in Cabaret, it's always a pleasure to see something different. Supernal's Syndicate-esque trenchcoats really did it for me. Shame I'm not in the market for one atm. Psyclone also have a t-shirt waiting for me. Apparently, they sell a lot more men's stuff in their shop than they did at the stall. Sadly, I shall have to wait until their web site is up.

In case I don't get around to writing about it properly, I'll just have to mention that [livejournal.com profile] combichrist rocked my world (and just about everyone else's). A hall full of goths going crazy is not a sight easily forgotten.

Insekt put on the second best show of the weekend IMO, with a perfectly judged set of tunes that drew the crowd into a frenzied orgy of dance and just didn't let go.

XPQ-21 seemed to borrow most of their best bass-lines from The Prodigy, but that didn't make their show any less fun. I just worry about the longevity of any band that can be described in terms of "it's like x crossed with y, on crack."

And of the weekend's club nights, I declare Ascension the winner. Good lord, the DJs on the final night were playing stuff that bordered on handbag house.
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The festival opened well, apart from a short interlude when someone set a fire alarm off. Three bands played last night: Trauma Pet, Glis and Panzer AG. Trauma Pet did their best to imitate Goldfrapp, but didn't really pull it off. Glis produced some very dancable EBM, to which the crowd duly obliged. Panzer AG put on a driving set of industrial metal, the blending of genres feeling excitingly fresh at times and just down right rawking at others.

I left at two, due to an early start today, but I got to enjoy a good bit of hard industrial in the Underground, populated by Kryogenix from Nottingham. The DJs played a fair bit of music that diverged from what I've grown used to from the Edinburgh clubs, similarly the different crowd brought in by the festival proved to be even more crazy than usual. The Terrace bar still looks like a school disco.

More (bad) photos... )

Panzer AG
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At work today, I was cruelly tricked into pilfering a cake belonging to the resident hard man. By way of recompense, the trickster came up with an elabourate scheme to fool said hard man that the culprit was in fact a recently retired former employee who had returned for the sole purpose of swiping a strawberry tartlet. Needless to say, it didn't quite work, but the whole thing amused him enough that he let me off. He's also quite a sound bloke, which helped.

I also discovered, by means of a card through my letterbox, that I am of blood type A+. Which, if you go by Japanese blood type personality theory means that I am conservative and reserved, but introverted, stubborn and self-concious. Sounds about right to me. Although I don't know about "punctual." And "good with plants" is right out.

Brick is quality stuff, and if you have the time, I recommend you see it. It's one of the better neo-noirs, with an uncompromising attitude to dialogue and plotting. It's full of moments where the audience are left just far enough outside to know that they are looking into a different world, but never makes itself impenetrable.

In my view, a noir depicts people who are struggling to survive in a river of something poisonous. Some get dragged under, some survive by changing to become the poison, and the few make it through by learning to work with what they are swimming in. These few are the heros and anti-heros. Brick and its characters make up such a world in a way that is both understanding and unafraid to explore.

Tonight is the first night of Dark City 2006. Woohoo.


May. 25th, 2006 01:43 am
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DJ Floorclearer: Any requests?
Leynos: "Brutalize My Penis!"
DJ Floorclearer: Tell you what, meet me in the toilet afterwards, and I'll see what I can do.

It's been seven months since I last went to a breakcore night. It feels like a gap in my life has once again been filled. Hopefully, I won't have to wait as long for the next one.

Much to my surprise, I even ran into someone I met at the last one.

Ladyscraper played some very dancable live breakcore. Mully's set reminded me of a soundtrack to a kung fu movie. And since we were getting kicked out at eleven, Floorclearer went all out with the speedcore, to which everyone went mental. And I mean mental.

It's such a joy being in a room with people who need the music like a class A drug.
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Just wondering. Is anyone I know going to Dark City this weekend?
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The world didn't end. Damn. I've been kept busy so far this week by social commitments, that, and I've been bloody knackered. I spent tonight assembling Palestinian flags for the May Day Rally on Saturday. Seventy-five so far.


I didn't have very high hopes for Neon this week. I kind of figured that everyone would be away on account of the exams. As it turns out, most of the people I know at the night were in attendance. Seeing [livejournal.com profile] spacelem there the night before his exam had to be the biggest shock. Once again, the DJs played a lot of metal, although it pleased me that they put on some goth stuff that hasn't been overplayed. Getting to dance to Spellbound and Bigmouth Strikes Again was fun. It also came as a nice surprise to hear Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin.

Another nice surprise came about when I actually got chatted up, albeit briefly, by a pair of cute goth girls, whom I guessed to be about nineteen. I say briefly, because they soon left when they found out how boring I am. I also discovered the value, on a couple of occasions, of remembering peoples' names. Addressing people by their names is something I seem to have a problem with, and I am working on. It's not so much the remembering part, as just having the confidence to say their name out loud.

PSC Meeting

The "Introduction to Palestine" talk proved to be informative as expected, with some eye-opening moments. I don't mean to lecture, as I'm sure everyone reading this knows far more about it than me. I just want to record what I learned and how it affected me.

Cut for politics... )


As with Neon, AASoc turned out rather quiet. Highlights of this weeks series night came in the form of Macross Zero and Guu Final.

Macross Final sports a very contemporary aesthetic, featuring gaunt chara designs and making heavy use of CG in the flight sequences. For someone who's watched and enjoyed a good deal of the original Macross and its derivations, Zero proved to be a satisfying experience.

Roy Focker from the first TV series features heavily, and has so far become a much more fleshed out character. The mecha sequences are pure porn for anyone who grew up dreaming of valkyries. The detail and motion here is stunning, filling in all the gaps present in past iterations of Macross. And of course, there's singing, although it took a full two episodes to put in an appearance, and so far it hasn't been of the poppy variety.

Guu Final is something of an anomaly. It's as clever as ever, and it's funny, but the laughs just aren't there in the same volume any more. I used to come away from Guu with my jaw hurting from laughing so much. Final gets the chuckles, but it has yet to incapacitate me. Still, it's Guu, with all the morally ambiguous silliness that that entails. In amongst all that, the genuinely sweet tale of friendship told in the as few Illusions unfolded into something very moving. Maybe that's the problem. Guu was never moving. It was too busy being silly for that kind of nonsense.

Somethings never change. I arrived ten minutes late, on account of falling asleep on the bus, and wouldn't you know it, the door was locked. Merciful President Andrew let Bjorn and I in though. Being so exhausted, I took a hint and didn't go to the pub that night.


Apr. 19th, 2006 11:36 pm
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Tonight I saw Pavee Lackeen at the Filmhouse with Ansgar, Ho-il's flatmate. Pavee Lackeen depicts a Traveller family in Dublin, with particular emphasis upon a girl of ten and the difficulties she faces at school and in life. The observational and non-judgemental way the film is presented impressed me. Situations from her life are explored in a way that I found engaging, without being played for drama or emotional manipulation.

Aside from that, I am skint and knackered. I really must try to be asleep before midnight. Pay day on Friday. An email arrived today informing me that the Hill Walking Club trip to Ben Lui on Saturday will most likely require crampons and ice axe (as has every other trip I've been on so far). I fired an email back asking if I should still be going, given my lack of experience. The organizer's answer was "no."

So now I have Saturday free. I'll most likely help out with leafletting on Princes Street again. I will also try and make it to the National Portrait Gallery, if I can get up early enough. Either that, or I could go to the farmers market and sample the ostrich burgers.

I'll definitely be going to Neon this Sunday. And suffering for it on Monday again.
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So I got to hear plenty of nice industrial at Opium last night. Unfortunately, fatigue kept me from staying past 1 am, but enjoyed myself, and once the place started to fill up, strangers actually seemed quite agreeable to random banter. The people who invited me proved very accommodating, and I enjoyed the novel feeling of meeting people from a club night on a separate occasion. Gary, the DJ from Neon, played an impressive set, despite one of the CD decks in Opium being dodgy.

As per usual, I got the unwelcome impression that I was intruding on a social circle where I didn't quite belong. I dunno to what extent that is the case, but I'd prefer if it happened to be an imagined perception. It gets so bad at times that I'll retreat to the other side of the room.

The manager I spoke to today turned out to be quite pleased with the work that I had done, which makes me happy. He had some changes to make, but they all made sense as far as I was concerned. There's just one more manager to speak to on Tuesday, and I can get it sent off to the printers. Job done, assuming the proofs turn out to everyone's satisfaction.

I'm on holiday from work for the next four days, because of Easter. Bankers really like their holidays. I'm rather skint, but I have lots of fun and (hopefully) inexpensive stuff planned. Surprisingly few films, but I still hope to fit a couple in, including Junebug. No big club nights however. I'm just not in the mood for crowds right now, and Easter 'events' are usually packed. Hobo on Sunday seems like a good idea though.


Fuck backlashes. Placebo were never bad, and You Could Have It So Much Better with Franz Ferdinand is a far more rounded and complete album than their debut. The wealth of quality tracks has made it a mainstay on my MP3 player for the past couple of months. I'm also fair getting into Placebo's new album, Meds. In places, it's more of the same, but it's also very fresh sounding in others, not least of which the title song. Meanwhile, a recent introduction to Combichrist has fed my insatiable hunger for industrial techno.


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