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Sorry to everyone whom I've hurt or upset this year.

Thanks to all my friends for continuing to put up with me, for all your support, and for being there when I needed you.

2006 has been a really shitty year. Pretty much everyone I've spoken to seems to be in a agreement over this. I'm probably tempting fate if I say that things can hardly get any worse, but, ffs, things have got to get better soon. I just can't wait for this year to be over and done with.
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On the morning of the second day of sailing lessons, we received a received little lecture on how to parse the Met Office weather forecasts. In a funky RFC kinda way, there actually exist standard definitions for words like "soon," "occasionally," and "mild." Now I should be able to garner useful information from the BBC Shipping Forecast. In theory anyway. They also explained how pressure systems work.

After that, we took the boats out and practiced coming to berth from and against the wind. Thankfully, this didn't result in any major incidents.

Following lunch, we went through sailing round a triangular course. What this entails, is sailing downwind, beating upwind (in a zigzag course), adjusting the sails to suit the direction of course, and jibing (turning across the wind while its to your back). So, pretty much everything then.

Under the supervision of the instructor, I conducted two perfect laps, so I was feeling quite ready to take on the course unassisted. Of course, the minute the instructor left the boat, I went to pieces. "Um, why is the boat moving sideways?!?" My crew shouting orders at me didn't help much either. (Shouldn't it be the other way round?) I got it eventually though, and by the time we were told to head back in, we had all sailed a few perfect laps unsupervised.

I felt a bit out of place over the weekend tho. Everyone on the course seemed to be in their mid-thirties and employed as high skill-professionals or managers. I don't like to think of my job as defining me, but in the real world, that seems to be the first thing people look at, unfortunately.

One more weekend to go. I wonder what it will bring.


It's not every day that you get to see a window into the inner workings of fate. Everyone knows of friendships that have come about through a chance meeting dependent on a hundred or more disparate factors. By chorally, a million "could have beens" pass us by every day. You accept a lift off of a classmate. As you drive past the bus stop you would have waited at, there is standing the girl who smiled at you earlier and you smiled back at. Of course, nothing would have happened. But it's nice to dream.


The itamae at Sushiya seems to get better at his craft every time I visit. I tasted the most divine of unagi and sea bass nigiris today. Bonsai and Izzi just can't hold a candle.


I now have LocoRoco for the PSP.
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Cash Generator used to bring me so much joy. Super rare SNES games for a fiver etc. These days, it's really only good for a laugh. Case in point: Today, I saw a famiclone shaped like an N64 priced at ten pounds, sitting next to a real N64 selling for only five pounds more. On the other hand, Chris texted me to say that he'd snarfed a one gig Memorystick Pro Duo for thirty-five quid, so I guess they're not that bad after all. I also learned that my Japanese Nintendogs is worth the princely sum of one pound sterling as trade-in at Chips.

I've got minus fifty pence to do me until a week next Tuesday. But that's not really bothering me. What is bothering me is the creeping sociophobia I've been experiencing. I'm afraid to talk to my friends these days. I'm afraid to do anything that will put me in contact with people. The change in scene brought about by the trip to London helped, but now that I've returned, it's the same again. I was afraid of my therapist last time I visited too. In the same way I was afraid of my driving instructor, or some of the kendo sempai. If it happens again, I'll let him know.

I'm going to see Ballboy play tonight. Fun fact: Ballboy are my fifth favourite band evar. I'm looking forward to it.
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LOL. This all goes to prove that I just can't do anything right.

Thinking that it was maybe about time that I did something unselfish for a change, I went along to the blood donation centre. I'm pleased to report that the pre-amble is pretty much hassle free and the procedure itself is painless. Just a slight discomfort at having a pieve of metal in ones arm for fifteen minutes. The problem came about because there is a time limit. It seems that not enough blood was flowing from my arm to satisfy the quota necessary for a transfusion before the clock ran out.

Still, I can try again in three months, and an appointment has been made. I'm just so disappointed.

At work today, I learned how to migrate auto-correction entries from Word 97 to Word 2002. Much to everyone's delight. (Hint: Google for "autocorrect.zip")


From the alt.suicide.holiday Methods File:

Email conversations suggest 10+ stories works ALMOST all of the time. Try to land on concrete. Quote - "9 out of 10 people who fall six stories will die". Note that it may take a while for many of those 90% to die.

Knowing my luck, I'd be the one who survives.

PSP Nonsense

May 5th is going to be a big day for the European PSP, if Play.com are to be believed. I mean, look at all this fun stuff:

05/05 Locoroco
05/05 Tekken Dark Resurrection
05/05 Gran Turismo Mobile (if you care about that kind of thing)
05/05 Me and My Katamari
05/05 Puzzle Bobble Portable
05/05 Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

I doubt I'll be buying all of those. My days of buying everything that looks even remotely fun are long past. But Locoroco and Katamari are definites. Tekken eventually and Puzzle Bobble if its cheap.

If anyone needs convincing about Locoroco, watch this video. Do it! Now.

Aargh. And there's still OutRun, Capcom Classics and XI Colosseum.

Anyone who says the PSP still has no decent games is lying. It has far too bloody many.
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I have some film reviews to post, but I'm too drunk to finish them right now. The great thing about alcohol is that it erases everything that happens before. It's like you get two days for the price of one.

Ho-Il is visiting tomorrow. I will try and cook chicken gaeng phed for him, since I owe him a nice meal. I was a little surprised to learn that he'd purchased Kill Zone for the PS2, until I remembered that the bad guys in it bear a striking resemblance to the Wolf Brigade troops in Jin Roh, which he has a major obsession with.

Anyway, I found a recipe for Thai Red Curry on E2 (where else), so I'll give it a go.

I was also surprised, and a little happy to find that cigar smoke doesn't set off the fire alarms in my flat. I think I may have to visit the Cigar Box and pick up a Monte Cristo No. 2 to celebrate. Although I'm a little worried that I may have become addicted to nicotine now.

Fun goings on at the 'Blazer:

All pints £2.20

Tasting notes

Cacique 500 (Venezuelan Rum) - Very spirity nose. Cadbury's chocolate buttons with a hint of cinnamon on the palate. A little dull in flavour, but very warm. No smokiness. By the time I finished the glass I was hooked.


The day started at two pm. Well, kind of earlier, since I needed to get dressed, have a shower, etc. But at two, more or less, I showed up at the PSC stall on Princes Street and offered to help. Leafletting turned out to be surprisingly easy. I had expected plenty of heckling and cold shoulders. In fact, most people are quite happy to accept the material when offered.

As before, the friendliness of the other PSC members I worked beside impressed me. As did their technique with passers by. They excelled at identifying interested passers by and building rapport with them. One guy in particular seemed to have a good way with multiculturalism, greeting people in Arabic and Polish, among other languages and presenting the leaflets to them with a flourish. Personally, I found that a friendly smile worked best, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to work on technique. As it stands, I learned how to say "welcome" in Arabic.

On Monday at 7:30, there is a screening of Arna's Children, a film about refugees in Jenin, at the CWU, 15 Brunswick Street (off London Road).

When the stall wound up, I headed to Nicholson Square for tea. For a change, I decided to give Kebab Mahal a go, where I was treated to a pleasingly delicate lamb and fenugreek curry followed by gulab jamin.

Remaining plans for the evening consisted of Junebug at Cineworld and Pierrepoint at the Filmhouse.

Er... Speaking of Junebug, I'm really angry that I can't watch a film about romance or listen to music about people fucking without getting upset. I really like Arab Strap too, and it annoys me that it now hurts to listen to their songs.


There are two Bluetooth devices in range of my PC that aren't mine. My flatemates? The downstairs neighbours? Who knows?
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I reckon that this looks like it'll be interesting:

It's presented as a video link between MIT and other sites. Tickets are available from Word Power Books on West Nicolson Street. I grabbed one for myself, and one for an acquaintance at work who's daft on Noam Chomsky.

Dogma -vs- Access / Cabaret Voltaire / Friday 17th Feb / Free before midnight, £3 after

Dogma and Access both shut up shop in December, so it's a nice surprise for me to see them back again for a one off night. Although I'm not sure that it will be quite the same, since the Cab has a dance floor the size of a postage stamp. Still, the music's guaranteed to be fantastic. The last time Dogma and Access held a DJ battle, it was one of the best club nights of the past year, and individually they were respectively home to some of the finest techno and electro on the go in Edinburgh.

Something else

alt.support.shyness is usually only any good for a laugh, but occasionally I see something that looks like useful advice. This in particular really struck a chord with me:

"Another problem with this group is that the guys tend to focus
much too much on the 'GIRL' part of GIRLfriend, and very little on the 'FRIEND' part."

I was busy feeling sorry for myself this morning, when I read that and felt like someone has slapped me on the face. That more or less sums up the biggest mistake I'm making right now. Of course, I still don't know how to fix it, but at least I can see now how selfish I'm being.


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