May. 7th, 2011

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I've made some UI tweaks to the demo message board at following feedback from Angus, Bruce and Scottie.

I'd still like to know what people think of the underlying idea tho. The plan is to have something as easy to set up as an instance of phpBB that will act as a server for a native clients variety of computer platforms and devices. What you see here is a client implemented in JavaScript, but that client could be ObjectiveC running on an iPhone, C++/Qt on a Linux box or .Net on Windows. I also intend to produce a simplified html interface for visually impaired users and for mobile phones.

With regards the threadmap, the rationale behind that is to try and replicate the sprawling discussions that you'd see on Usenet but never really happen on message boards. You tend to either get phpBB style linear threads where deviating from a single thread of discussion is actively discouraged, or Reddit/Slashdot style nested posts which get awkward after a small number of replies and tend to be best suited to short lived discussions.

Of course, there are still a lot of optimizations to be made. Right now there's no support for incremental thread updates, which would be crucial to my goal of 'Usenet as a web service'.

Other facets still need some hammering out. For example, post deletion—I'm thinking of having users able to mark a post as deleted (if the moderators of a particular board have that feature enabled), but only moderators will be able to delete a post or thread outright (or recursively 'prune' part of a thread). Again, I'm keen to hear what you think.


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